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A luxurious range of banners, in all shapes and sizes that can easily be adjusted to your site or page requirements. Every activated account made through one of these banners can increase your commission

Landing Pages

It takes a lot of knowledge on how to make a good landing page, but we already did the job for you. Our landing pages have the highest conversion rate of the market and help make our affiliates the best paid affiliates in the field.

For an online campaign to be effective, it is necessary to have state of the art graphic materials and other innovative tools to attract users and potential customers.

The evolution of online advertising makes it critical to supply users with the most updated design language and copy-writing available. At Arvis Capital Limited we make sure to be at the forefront of affiliate success.

We view our partners as a major factor in the company’s growth over the years and therefore we take great effort in supplying them with everything they need. As an affiliate, you will be matched to an affiliate account manager that will work with you

and for you to choose the right marketing tools for your site or page.

Depending on the method chosen for the campaign, we have several marketing tools

to assist you with the affiliation:


We produced a line of videos designed to educate our traders. All of our videos are with added value to your site and your users will be enriched by the wealth of strategic and tactical knowledge about the binary options industry.


As a part of our aim to make our traders the best they can be, we produced an eBook with tips and strategies on how to trade.  Adding it to your site will provide your traffic and key ideas for a successful trading. 


Our designed newsletters are ready for you. We take care of the content and design, and all you have to do is simply send them to your visitors. Use mailers to increase traffic to the platforms and maximise your earning potential.

Producing all these marketing tools takes a lot of marketing knowledge and resources. When becoming a member in our growing marketing community, you get free access to all of them, without worrying about how to match these tools to your site. All you need to do is to pick the best marketing method that works for you, add it to your site and start earning from the traffic you already have.

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